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Alexis Fasoli workshop/store Barcelona.
Carrer de la Volta dels Tamborets 4, Local 2, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
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15 Jan


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Hi everyone. You might have noticed that not much has been going on in Facebook Alexis Fasoli, nor twitter and not even myweb has new photos. You might be thinkingthat I am on some tropical beach somewhere, forgetting my responsabilites of updating the online world. Well no, I‘ve been snowed under launching this new website/blog/community and here I am in the blog section writing (you too, only reading)against the clock getting everything ready.

News: well this week I am liberated, I have polished off all my orders and I am completely free to experiment and play in the workshop. I am really looking forward to getting some great bag designs out on to the shelves of the store for the spring season. I am working on a great shopping type bag that I am exited about the results. 

This week Barcelona is enthusiastic  that business will be pushed along by the World Mobile Phone Congress that is in town this week bringing thousands of visitors who are expected to leave and additional 300 million euros spent in the city. Hope some of those 300 millions end up in my humble little store. 

 I leave a photo of me contemplating today's creative agenda trying not to freeze my ass off. This week is DAMN cold for us taking into account that our houses aren't prepared for these low temperatures. For that reason the hat and scarf even though I am inside!!!


Randy Crawford – Rainy Night in Georgia (Live) great song I was listening to while I was writing this blog. Click on the italics to listen

13 Nov

Blogger: what is luxury?

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What is Luxury? By Alexis Fasol


Ever since I started working with my hands, focusing my ambitions on becoming a master craftsman, I have been fascinated by the idea of luxury and what it means. As a creator one dreams of forming part of en exclusive group of the most gifted, able to create objects that will provoke the attention of those who have the means to own them into competing to obtain your services and subsequently allowing you to increase the price you can command for your work. However, luxury is not just about the expensive and the beautiful for the rich and powerful. It has always been so much more and has constantly been evolving, reinventing itself over time influenced by the way the world is seen through the eyes of different cultures and their customs. Luxury has been on a roller coaster ride since the time of the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs. The Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. The Persians, the Chinese to the Japanese and the Europeans, in fact every single society on earth has a concept of the idea of Luxury that on the surface may well appear to be have significant differences, yet I believe that the underlying motives that drives luxury and its creation is in fact very similar around the world. All societies that have indulged in luxuries have seen them very much as a barometer of social status and often even virtue as the have nots aspire, NOT to overthrow the ostentatious elites who benefit from a luxurious lifestyle, but rather they aspire to join the elites one day and so benefit from a  bit of luxury for themselves and their loved ones. So, although the ostentatious flaunting of luxury may well have been the motive for a few revolutions over the times it would seem that most of the time the aspirational narcotic of luxury has inspired those who have little to try and climb the social ladder in order to consume the tantalising temptations that only luxury can provide.

I love this online radio station for lovers of independent music. When I am working in the work shop and want to learn about some new artists to update my playlists Gladys Palmera is my inseperable companion introducing me to artists soon to become favourites. Give it a go clicking on the banner below.

Radio Gladys Palmera

Wow! While I am writing this text, this very website is being uploaded on to and, by the time the sun rises over the Mediterranean sea to the east, this new site will be available to all who visit my address. It has taken far longer than I imagined to finish this, yet I feel that we have launched it, when it was truely ready without rushing it through.

I wanted to offer a much better online experience to those who visit my site and I think, compared to the old website, we have taken one giant step forward in user comfort, giving visitors a framework in which they can easily find the different products I make and view them in a way that makes them come alive. I also hope to comunicate the love and great deal of effort that is made to produce every 'piece'. Not only I am selling a bag, shoes, wallets and other fabulous, beautifully crafted, accessories, but also the story that comes with them, the love that was invested in their creation.

I really really hope you enjoy using this website and hope to speak to you all very soon in the near future. For regular news sign-up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Alexis Fasoli.



25 Oct

Is this handmade?

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I frequently get asked what to me is a rather confusing question. Members of the public enter my workshop and ask me "Is this handmade?''.

This month I am proud to say that I have a mention in Vogue Italia where my project and work is recognised as one of the must see places to visit in Barcelona. 
Vogue Italia abril 2015

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