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03 Oct

Satchel bag mixed with a twist of Document case

Satchel Bag meets Document Case Satchel Bag meets Document Case Satchel Bag meets Document Case

This handmade bag was made to measure for a client in Australia. Hand sewn with french linen tread using calf skin leather hand dyed to get that perfect antiqued brown colour that is so warm and deep. These bags take weeks to complete and I only make a maximum of  4 to 5 per year as they are so time consuming to construct. I love to make these pieces that are timeless and designed to last decades. I have studied antique satchels and bags in order to come up with this design that was then built around the necessities of the client and the articles he usually carries. 

Prices start around the 2000 euro mark. 

Sydney Document/Satchel bag  
  With a special pocket for a Macbook Air, side pockets and exterior rear zip compartment. Satchel / Document case  

sketchSatchel/ document case

Carry it by its' handle or by the shoulder strap this bag is versatile. It is possible to order with just the shoulder or just the handle. It is taylor made to your specifications. Size can also vary. Each project is a joint adventure, owner and designer, where the product evolves and changes as the bag comes together. Photos are constantly sent during the creation and construction fase and the feedback from the client is used to fine tune the article to their taste with my opinion and personality as designer/artisan incorporated in the essence of the article.

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