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ray bag prices start at 400€ ray bag prices start at 400€ ray bag prices start at 400€


The ray bag is one of my very favourites for many reasons. This design based on a triangle is somewhat unsual yet very comfortable. As I don't like tipical backpacks especially leather ones I needed to come up with design  that would have a similar funcionality yet looked nothing like the dreaded ruck sack (even the name sounds unglamorous). This is the result. This version is finished with the Mexican round basket braid giving it that special touch.

If you are using public transport you can slide it round onto your front without taking it off, this means you can sit down and keep a good eye on unwanted hands. After travelling for month with one all around South East Asia I will be introducing an oversize version with some special changes to make travelling even easier. Ray bag oversize traveller coming soon!!!!!!!!


sketch bag ray bag prices start 400€

 sketch bag


ray bag prices start at 400€

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