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09 Jan

Mandrina Bag Nº1

Mandrina Bag Nº1 Mandrina Bag Nº1 Mandarin Bag Nº1
  • This bag that I have named Mandrina is painstakingly put together using all my knowledge as a craftsman to obtain this remarkably elegant bag for the person about town. It is almost entirely sewn by hand in saddle stitch using the finest french linen threads. Dyed by hand and made from start to finish by my own hands employing the finest locally sourced leather from the renowned tanneries of Igualada, a town in the Catalan interior famous for it's centuries of leather production experience. Prices start around 2400 euros. 

Mandrina Bag nº1

  • The version in the photo was designed over several months of consulting with a client in Sydney Australia who wanted a sturdy work bag to protect her computer but at the same time a creation that keeps a feminine charm avoiding the typical male orientated computer carry bags. 


  • This version has the extra long rolled handles for hanging off the shoulder and a seductive front pocket and extra long zipper to allow easier opening when taking out large items like lap top computers for which it was designed to carry avoiding strain to the zipper. This bag was developed over a 6 month period of thought and accumulated inspiration culminating in a timeless bag that will never go out of fashion. 
  • The rolled handles, the detail you can see at below with the hand stitched tulip shaped point that gives the handle its strength avoiding the need of horizontal stitching that would weaken the handles while simultaneously fulfilling  a simplicity of  elegance that  comes only from purity  of  line  and   geometry.

zipper flap

sketchMandarin Bag nº1


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