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09 May

Women's belts, engraved artwork.

Foliage design in gold Foliage design in gold Foliage design in gold


Belts have been documented for male clothing since the bronze age. Both sexes used them off and on, depending on the current fashion. In the western world, belts were more common for men, with the exception of the early middle ages, late 17th century Mantua, and skirt/blouse combinations between 1900 and 1910. Art Nouveau buckles are now collector's items. As women started to wear trousers with Coco Chanel challenging traditional roles women needed to make more and more use of belts a tendency that was furthered with women incorporating jeans into their everyday wardrobe.



belt sketch


Labyrinth engraving


belt sketch


Coral reef engraving


Symmetrical engraving

Hand engraved brass and leather buckle  
The  engraving (by hand marking the shapes one by one) for this buckle just fell out on to the leather as I randomly constructed this symmetrical design in beige with brown background, sewn by hand, the leather is also hand dyed. A one off!!  















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