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31 Mar

Solid brass buckle Nº8 mounted with leather

Brass buckle Brass buckle Brass buckle


Solid brass handmade buckle mounted with leather engraved with a crisscross pattern. The crisscross pattern is hand engraved to give a timeless elegance to belt. This thin model is 2.5cm wide. It is also available in solid silver. belt

These buckles are handmade by me here in Barcelona, through the lost wax technique. I get the buckles cast locally in solid brass and solid silver in line with my policy of locally sourcing all that I can in order to benefit the local community and create employment here in Catalonia. The leather has a geometric square pattern as decoration along the whole length of the belt. The leather is hand dyed in my workshop making sure that no excess dye is used therefore guaranteeing a minimum toxicity to help our overstretched planet.


Belt sketch

Python buckle

Goddess Minerva

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