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05 May

Ladies sandal, Casablanca model

Casablanca Sandal Casablanca Sandal Casablanca Sandal

This sandal has two very different models under the same name as one is a direct derivative of the other. One covers the whole foot giving the possibility of adding some very unique artistic decoration. The other is the opposite extreme leaving the foot almost completely bare for those who who are proud of their feet.

Hand made from the finest Spanish calf leather choose your colour and stitching as well as any engraving. These are generally only made to order so give me time to get them ready if you do not live in Barcelona, otherwise you may be disappointed. 

Casablanca Sandal






The leather is hand dyed her in my workshop where I look to create deep rich tones that industrial processes simply cannot. I love to create colours with textures and irregularities that in the light reflect a variety of tones of the same colour


Casablanca Sandal





Casablanca. This most African of sandal it took me a long time to define the line a reach a design that was really feminine  and elegant on the foot. The tan version with silver leaf engraving is the final version, rounded toe following the line of the foot closely and the upper leather small enough to expose as much of the foot as posible. The version in turquoise is a older version that has now been all but phased out for the more refined sister model.


Casablanca Sandal


Vegetable tanned leather (no crome) hand crafted, engraved painstakingly by hand, dyed manually layering dyes to alow the aplication of the metalic engraving.

Casablanca Sandal


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