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05 May

Ladies Sandal, Rio de Janiero model

Rio de Janiero sandal Rio de Janiero sandal Rio de Janiero sandal

Rio de Janiero sandal





The Rio de Janiero sandal was one of the first I designed and has undergone various modifications responding to the desires and tastes of my customers. It comes in the classic version with 2 horizontal straps (see photo below) and the version nº2 that is in the first  photo.


Rio de Janiero sandal

Sandals are made to order only and are hand dyed to obtain just the colour that you are looking for and can also be made with unique engraved patterns in colours and shiny metallic tones. Hand dying allows a range of colours that industrial large scale production simply cannot achieve. One of my greatest passions is to texture colours getting dept so that when the light reflects various tones of the same colour are unveiled.


This is the classic version with a symetrical hand engraved design in gold and brown. The options for engraving offer a myriad of different options. Clients are invited to select from wide choice of designs that can be customised for a unique and personalized shoe.


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