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04 Mar

Aya clutch and her many other versions

Aya clutch with brass grate Aya clutch with brass grate Aya clutch with brass grate

Bags and clutches are normally named after the person who first ordered it. This is why this one is called Aya. it is a partly hand sewn and is lined with material bought in the markets of Burkina Faso in the heart of West Africa where my family has a residence.


Aya clutch with brass grate



Brass screen


Sketch bag

Aya Clutch 

TapeAya Clutch in Red

Aya clutch in green


This green version with handle for slipping your fingers through for a safe grip. Below a clutch in various tones of brown with a wrist handle.


Aya Clutch in natural tan and light brown

This was first designed for a client called Aya from Australia who left many of the details up to me as she said she trusted the 'artist' and she was delighted with the result. Since then I have produced 2 or 3 more all unique and different whose photos you will be able to see in this section.


A generous size that allows for various items for those who dislike minimalism when it comes to evenings out.

Aya Clutch with pony skin

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