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08 May

Victoria mini Clutch with engraving

Mini purse Mini purse Mini purse

This engraving is inspired in the old book editions where such effort was placed in decorating the leather cover. However, don't just judge the book by it's cover read more and see the interior too.

Mini purse

Clutch - a handbag without handles, rectangular in shape, often an evening bag but used during the day as well. I really enjoy designing and making them as well as seeing the fanaticism with which some adore them.  
mini clutch prices start at 155€  
 Many versions exist leather, ostritch, crocodile, python the list is endless, you can create your very own personalised clutch with personalised initials even choose the colour of the stitching.  


This is an example of a model made from soft calf skin and engraved in gold and hand dyed in brown.
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