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13 Apr

Madame clutch/ case

Clutch/ case bag Clutch/ case bag Clutch/case bag


I found the inspiration for this bag around 10 years ago. On opening a wardrobe door in my Grandmother's basement in Paris a bag fell on my head pushed out by the sheer quantity of handbags stuffed onto the shelf over the clothes rack. On picking up the bag that had hit me I was quite literally struck by the simplicity and beauty of it and there and then swore that sooner or later I would make my very own interpretation, a cover version if you will. I went upstairs and asked my Grandmother if she would give me the bag to take back to Barcelona and she answered, as always, that I could take whatever I wanted as what was hers was mine. I never imagined it would take me such a long time to get around to interpreting the bag and converting it into my own. My grandmother never got to see the result but I am sure she would have been thrilled with result.

Interior clutch bag

The bag has been hand dyed and hand stitched. Hand dying gives the colour a special texture that industrial dyed products simply can't achieve. It is also much more sustainable as all excess dyes are saved for future use and nothing ends up where it shouldn't. Hand stitching with french linen thread guarantees the longevity of the article far beyond a  typical machine stitched bag. This bag can be ordered to measure varying the size to suit one's individual needs although I believe that the actual size (32cm x 19cm) is the perfect format


 Making of Madame Bag

This bag has a central compartment with zipper and two compartments on either side that are generous in nature. To give it a special elegance I incorporated a piece of crocodile skin on the lid for that special touch. I can be ordered with a shoulder strap for those who like to have their hands free. Chose your colour, metal hardware and type of leather. This bag would no doubt become a friend for life. 

Making of clutch bag

Minerva god of craft  



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