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Feet Deserve Only The Best

Feet are so important and they deserve only the best. Love your feet for a happy life full of walking.

Sandals and espadrilles are lovingly crafted, available only as bespoke or made to measure and are made almost entirely from Spanish tanned calf skin and Spanish tanned leather soles*. This is so much more than just customising a sandal or choosing colours, therefore they cannot be purchased online.

*Although some exceptions to this are available, for example sheep skin straps, rubber composite soles and exotic skins hardened rubber heels etc.

hand stitching

This can be a bespoke arrangement; a sandal designed specifically based on the requests of the customer for a one off crafted sandal, a more exclusive and costly method.

The other option is to choose a sandal from my catalogue and adapt it to your personal needs in a made to measure arrangement  where you could choose from: the shape of sandal, rounded or squarer, the leather or skin employed, the width of the straps, colours which are obtained by hand dying, the stitching colour, the type of sole, and the metal hardware you prefer.

For bigger, more time consuming requests there may be a wait of several months. Over one year it would be unusual for me to take on more than four or five such ventures.

The Process

1. The measuring
2. The fitting
3. Completion of sandal.

First I measure your feet and make a test sandal for you to try. After having been measured, you can normally return the next day for the fitting. Then I finish the sandal and you pick it up.

If you live abroad then there are two options: If I can finish the sandal before you leave Barcelona, you come and pick it up, or it will be shipped to you by courier like Fedex.

Please don’t come on the last day of your stay, as I will not be able to do a fitting. No fitting, no sandal.

Women's Sandals

Men's Sandals

Some questions, some answers

How do you get your inspiration?

Like so many artists or craftsmen my inspiration comes from nature, my life, the place I live, the people I meet and the trips I take.
Necessity is also a great driver to be creative. If I were not creative I would have to close my business. This is a powerful incentive to create and innovate.

Why do you work alone?
Can I get my purchases gift wrapped?
Can I get a monogram engraved on my purchase?
When will I receive my order?
Can you copy my favourite Hermes bag?
How do I maintain my Alexis Fasoli items?
Do I have to pay a deposit when ordering a custom or bespoke item?
How much does your art cost?

As I make so many products with very different techniques, it is difficult to give an accurate guide to prices, but I will give you a few guidelines so that you can get a rough idea.

Belts would start around 120 euros for classic simple models and could go over a 1000 euros for the more fancy labour intensive designs. Small bags and clutches would probably start around 300 euros and could go to around a 1000 depending on the type of leather and labour intensity. Bigger bags would be made to measure only and tend to cost around 2000 euros or more. Sandals are only made to measure and start at around 300 euros.

Why buy at Alexis Fasoli?
Can I cancel my order?
How do I return a purchase?
How will I know my order has been received?
Where does Alexis Fasoli deliver?
Are you the right guy for the job?
How do I get the right size?
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In the heart of Barcelona I carefully craft hand made products for special people that want to stand out. Unique one offs made by myself. Only a handful of items produced every year for the fortunate few that get to own an 'af'.



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